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Annual Team Outing – 2016

September 9, 2016

It was time for the annual team outing for R&A Family. This year we had this lovely family event of R&A on 19th & 20th of August 2016, at Palm Exotica Resort, Shankarpally, Hyderabad.  It was a one night and two days’ trip. Our initial apprehensions about many of our team members not being able to attend a stay over trip was dispelled when almost everyone signed up enthusiastically. So, off we went on a trip that turned out to be a memorable and exciting experience.

The main purpose of this team outing is to develop good bonding among the team members along with some fun activities entertainment and learning sessions on personality development. We had Mr. Dayanand and Mrs. Manisha with us, as Event Trainers for the trip. They are professional trainers, well versed in providing psychological counseling on issues of work-life balance, work management, relationships, leadership, branding self at work, performance management and time management.

The event was well planned with all their lovely team building sessions encompassed with important learnings. Here are a few:

  • Questions Boomerang : The objective of the game was to know more about oneself.
  • Paper trail Game: This was to give us clear insight on team work with proper coordination, communication and trust amongst each other.
  • Chain cut Game: We had tremendous fun during this play but at the same time we were prompted to learn how to be united in a team, which makes the team strong and also to work with patience and strategy that leads to success.
  • Blind Fold Game: Take away was to own responsibility in the team and move towards success.
  • Balloon Passing Game: It was a relay race which made all of us to learn how to communicate with each other and attain the final objective.

Apart from these knowledge driven sessions, the entire team also ventured into some of the adventure stuff and indoor games provided at the resort. We all had fun in zip line flying, go carting, roller zorb, rocket ejector etc. Of course, the team did not miss out on playing T8 cricket. On 19th evening, we had a rocking dance floor event with DJ!!! All the ladies decked up in lovely attires, we all had rocking time, dancing and tuning to the DJ’s music beats.

Early to rise on 20th morning, we all went for a leisure walk enjoying the beautiful nature, away from the routine urban life overly polluted with noise, vehicles. After the walk, we were off to the military obstacle course arranged at the resort. To our surprise, we all successfully completed the tasks, which at first sight looked difficult to accomplish. A high team spirit was clearly in evidence. The hospitality, food and stay at the resort were agreeable.

Needless to state, the entire two-day trip rejuvenated our souls, filled us with tremendous happiness, fulfillment and confidence to overcome the future challenges.


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