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Compliance Calendar as per the Listing Agreement for the quarter ended on 30th June, 2014.

July 8, 2014
S. No Activities Sections /Rules /Clauses, etc. Acts / Regulations, etc. Compliance Due Date
1. Compliance Certificate on Corporate Governance Clause 49 Listing Agreement 15th July, 2014
2. Shareholding Pattern Clause 35 Listing Agreement 21st July, 2014
3. Intimation for holding Board Meeting for considering the Audited/un-audited financial results for the Quarter ended on 30th June, 2014.   Newspaper Advertisement about Board Meeting to consider Quarterly results.   Announcement of Quarterly Results by FAX (simultaneously courier them to Stock Exchange(s) and display and upload the results on the website of the Company).   Publication of Quarterly Financial results in Newspapers along with the disclosures about variation in the profitability as notes to quarterly results (depending on the issues). and Newspaper advertisement to disclose the status of Investor Complaints as a note to quarterly results. Clause 41 Listing Agreement 9 (Nine) days in advance of the Board Meeting       9(Nine) days in advance of the Board Meeting   Within 15 minutes of the Closure of the Board meeting         Within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Board meeting.
4. Announcement of Quarterly Financial results  by fax (Simultaneously courier them to Stock Exchanges and display & upload  the results with stock exchange/send mail and also upload the results in company website and Limited Review Report (If Company is publishing Un-audited Financial results). Clause  41 Listing Agreement 14th August, 2014
5. Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit (Formerly Known as Secretarial Audit Report) Regulation 55A SEBI (Depositories & Participants) Regulations, 1996 30th July, 2014
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