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Compliance Calender for March, 2014

April 4, 2014
S.No. Activities Sections / Rules / Clauses, etc. Acts / Regulations, etc. Compliance Due Date Remarks
  1.   ComplianceCertificate on Corporate Governance   Clause 49   Listing Agreement   15thApril, 2014   As perAnnexure-I
  2.   ShareholdingPattern Including details of pledge by Promoters.   Clause 35   Listing Agreement   21stApril, 2014   As per Annexure-II
Note:Kindly Check whether the format providedby the RTA is in accordance with the provisions of the Clause 35 ofthe Listing Agreement.
    3.   Intimation for holding of Board Meetingfor taking on record the Audited financial results for the quarter ended on 31st March, 2014.   Clause 41   Listing Agreement   Atleast 7 clear days before the Meeting (i.e. 9 days)   As per Annexure-III
  4.   NewspaperAdvertisement about Board Meeting to consider quarterly results   Clause 41   Listing Agreement   Asa note to Point no.3 above Tobe publish in one daily English newspaper circulating whole or substantiallythe whole of India and one Regional newspaper, where registered office issituated (As per Annexure-IV)
5. 1 Submissionof Audited Results for full year, if Company opts to submit Audited Results.   Clause 41(1)(d)   Listing Agreement   30thMay, 2014   -
    6.   Announcementof Quarterly Results by Fax: (Simultaneously courier them to StockExchanges and display in the website of the Company   Clause 41   Listing Agreement Within 15 minutes of the Closure of the Board meeting in which the results were considered and approved   Tothe Fax numbers mention in As per Annexure-V
7. Publication of Annual Financial Results in Newspapers Clause 41 Listing Agreement Within 48 hours of the conclusion of theBoard Meeting To be publish in one English national newspaper and one Regional newspaper (As per Annexure-VI)
8. Statement of Assests and Liabilities for the half year ended on 31st March, 2014 Clause 41   Listing Agreement As a note to the Annual financial results Asper the format prescribed for pointno.6 above
    9.     Submission of Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit (Formerly Known as Secretarial Audit Report)   SEBI Circular, D&CC/FIT TC/C IR – 16/2002 and Regulation 55A   SEBI (Depositories & Participants) Regulations, 1996     30th April, 2014     (As per Annexure-VII)  
10. Payment of Annual Listing Fee Clause 38 Listing Agreement   30th April, 2014   As per Annexure-VIII
11. Compliance Certificate on Share TransferFacility Clause 47 (C)   Listing Agreement   30th April, 2014 To be sent to Stock Exchange within 24 hours of obtaining the Certificate fromPCS (As per Annexure-IX)
12. 2YearlyDisclosure by the Company regarding persons who hold more than 25 %shares/voting rights and also holding of promoters or persons having controlover the company as on financial ending 31st March   Regulation 30(1) and 30(2) of SEBI (SAST)     SEBI Regulations     7th April, 2014     (As per Annexure-X)
13. Continual Disclosure as per Prohibition of Insider Trading [Regulations 13(4), 13(4A) and 13(6) SEBI (PIT) Regulation, 1992   30th April, 2014   (As per Annexure-XI)
  1. However, when a company opts to submit un-audited financial results for the lastquarter of the financial year, it shall, submit a statement of assets andliabilities as at the end of the financial year only along with the auditedfinancial results for the entire financial year, as soon as they are approvedby the Board.
  2. Regulation 30(1) Every person, who together with persons acting in concert with him,holds shares or voting rights entitling him to exercise twenty-five per cent or more of the voting rights in a target company, shall disclose their aggregate shareholding and voting rights as of the thirty-first day of March, in such target company in such form as may bespecified.
  • Regulation30 (2) The promoter of every target company shall together with persons acting in concert with him, disclose their aggregate shareholding andvoting rights as of the thirty-first day of March, in such target company in such form as may be specified.
  • The disclosures required under sub-regulation (1) and sub-regulation (2) shall be made within seven working days from the end of each financial year to;
  • every stock exchange where the shares of the target company are listed; and
  • the target company at its registered office.
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