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January 7, 2016


eBiz is one of the integrated services projects and part of the 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under the National E-Governance Plan (NEGP) of the Government of India. eBiz is being implemented by Infosys Technologies Limited (Infosys). The focus of eBiz is to improve the business environment in the country by enabling fast and efficient access to Government-to-Business (G2B) services through an online portal. This will help in reducing unnecessary delays in various regulatory processes required to start and run businesses.


The vision of eBiz is to be the entry point for all individuals, businesses and organizations (local and international) who would like to do business or have any existing business in India by creating a one-stop-shop of convenient and efficient online G2B services to the business community, by reducing the complexity in obtaining information and services related to starting businesses in India, and dealing with licenses and permits across the business life-cycle.


Prior to invoking any of the services, you must first register yourself on eBiz portal. Registration is a two step process.

  1. The first step is to register yourself as an individual and create a Login account i.e a login ID and password.User registration will enable to invoke some services that are not linked to a Business – Name Availability etc..
  2. The second step is to register your business. This would enable the access to complete set of eBiz services such as Registering with various Tax and other Regulatory agencies, Apply for utility connections and services related to Regulatory filings.Note: one can avail the complete services of eBiz only after registering as a member and then as an organization.


There is no fee for registering on eBiz portal. Fees is applicable when you start applying for services. The fee will be depend on the service availed.


The list of services currently available on eBiz portal:

    1. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion:
      • Industrial License ;
      • Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum.
    2. Employee’s State Insurance Corporation:
      • Employer Registration.
    3. Ministry of Corporate Affairs:
      • Director Identification Number(DIN);
      • Name Availability;
      • Certificate of Incorporation.
    4. Central Board of Direct Taxes:
      • Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number(TAN);
      • Permanent Account Number (PAN)- [NSDL/UTIITSL];
      • Correction of PAN.
    5. Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization:
      • License for Possession and Sale/ Possession and Use of Explosives.
    6. Directorate General of Foreign Trade:
      • Importer Exporter Code.
    7. Reserve Bank India
      • ARF (Advance Foreign remittance);
      • FC-GPR (Foreign collaboration - General Permission Route);
      • FC-TRS (Foreign collaboration – Transfer of Shares).
    8. Department of Heavy Industries:
      • Issue of Custom Duty Concession Certificate.
    • Annual Filing Under Factories Act;
    • Approval of incentives under reimbursement of Taxes;
    • Approval of Plans from Factories Dept;
    • Issue of license under Factories Act;
    • Issue of NOC from Fire Dept;
    • Issue of Registration Certificate under CST & VAT;
    • Issue of Registration Certificate under VAT;
    • License for Bulk Drug Formulation;
    • MSME Registration;
    • NOC from pollution control Board;
    • Permission from UDA for site and building;
    • Permission to Draw ground water service from ground water department;
    • Scarce raw material allotment-Allotment of Coal;
    • Site plan Approval service from Directorate of town and country plan.


    • Annual Filing Under Factories Act;
    • BYPL- New Power Connection.
    • CBDT- IT Returns by Companies;
    • MOEF- Environmental Clearance;
    • CBEC- Service Tax Returns;
    • CBEC- Excise Tax Returns;
    • CBEC- Service Tax Registration
    • CBEC-Excise Tax Registration
    • MSME Registrations

    Andhra Pradesh:

    • APIIC- Allotment of Land/Shed in IE/IDA by APIIC;
    • APPCB- Consent for establishment from APPCB;
    • APPCB- Consent for operation under Air/Water Act;
    • CoL- Shops Registration;
    • DOI- Industrial Incentives - (Power);
    • CTD- CST return Filing;
    • CTD- Payment of Profession Tax;
    • CTD- Profession Tax Registration;
    • CTD- VAT Filing;
    • GHMC- Property Tax;
    • DISCOM- New Power Connection;
    • GHMC- Trade License and others.


  1. Create a personalized list of licenses, clearances and registrations that are applicable to you based on the unique characteristics of your business;
  2. Make electronic payments towards statutory (processing) fees, (stamp) duties, service fee etc;
  3. Receive alerts via email and SMS on the progress of your application;
  4. Interact online with the various Government departments such as responding to queries/clarifications, submit additional documentary artifacts;
  5. News & Updates;


This project aims at creating an investor-friendly business environment in India by making all regulatory information – starting from the establishment of a business, through its ongoing operations, and even its possible closure - easily available to the various stakeholders concerned. In effect, it aims to develop a transparent, efficient and convenient interface, through which the government and businesses can interact in a timely and cost effective manner, in the future.


Disclaimer: The entire contents of this document have been developed on the basis of relevant information and are purely the views of the authors. Though the authors have made utmost efforts to provide authentic information however, the authors and the company expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person who has read this document, or otherwise, in respect of anything, and of consequences of anything done, or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance upon the contents of this document.


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