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Annexure – I : Format Of Quarterly Compliance Report

April 3, 2014

(On the Letter Head of the Company) Dated: __________, 2014

To The Department of Corporate Services (Name and Address of the Stock Exchanges where the Company is listed) Dear Sir, Sub: Compliance of Clause 49 for the Quarter ended on 31st March, 2014 Name of the Company: Quarter ending on: 31st March, 2014


Clause of Listing Agreement

Compliance Status (Yes/No)






I Board of Directors

49 I

(A) Composition of Board


(B)Non-executive Directors’ compensation & disclosures

49 (IB)

(C) Other  provisions  as to Board  and Committees

49 (IC)

D) Code of Conduct

(49 (ID)

II. Audit Committee

49 (II)

(A) Qualified & Independent Audit Committee

49 (IIA)

(B)Meeting of Audit Committee

49 (IIB)

(C) Powers of Audit Committee

49 (IIC)

(D)Role of Audit Committee

49 II(D)

(E) Review of Information by Audit Committee

49 (IIE)

III. Subsidiary Companies

49 (III)

IV. Disclosures

49 (IV)

(A)Basis of related party transactions

49 (IV A)

(B)Disclosure of Accounting Treatment

49 (IV B)

(C)Board Disclosures

49 (IV C)

(D)Proceeds from public issues, rights issues, preferential issues etc.

49 (IV D)

(E)Remuneration of Directors

49 (IV E)


49 (IV F)


49 (IV G)

V.CEO/CFO Certification

49 (V)

VI. Report on Corporate Governance

49 (VI)

VII. Compliance

49 (VII)

Note: 1) The details under each head shall be provided to incorporate all the information required as per the provisions of the Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. 2) In the column No.3, compliance or non-compliance may be indicated by Yes/No/N.A. For example, if the Board has been composed in accordance with the Clause 49 I of the Listing Agreement, "Yes" may be indicated. Similarly, in case the company has no related party transactions, the words “N.A.” may be indicated against 49 (IV A). 3) In the remarks column, reasons for non-compliance may be indicated, for example, in case of requirement related to circulation of information to the shareholders, which would be done only in the AGM/EGM, it might be indicated in the "Remarks" column as – “will be complied with at the AGM”. Similarly, in respect of matters which can be complied with only where the situation arises, for example, "Report on Corporate Governance" is to be a part of Annual Report only, the words "will be complied in the next Annual Report" may be indicated.


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