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Legal Jargons

August 3, 2012
Word: Necessitas publica major est quam private Meaning : "Necessitas publica major est quam private" is a Latin Legal term that means public necessity is greater than private. This means that Public necessity always prevails against private necessities. When applied to criminal law, a man’s necessity to preserve one’s life will be defeated by state’s necessity to preserve law and order. This maxim also applies to civil matters. Nations development purpose necessitates the acquisition of private property, which may affect and prevail over individual necessity of ownership. Example: A man's necessity to preserve one's life will be defeated by Necessitas publica major est quam private. Pronunciation: Necessi+tas +Public+aa+Major+est+Quam+private Word: Factum Meaning : The word Factum means anything stated and made certain, a man's own act and deed Example: Only fraud in factum can be used as a basis for a defence in order to defeat the claim of a holder in due course. Pronunciation: Fack+tuhm
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