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MCA Vs RNA during Annual Filings

November 7, 2014
Dear All,
"A man's greatest friend is anything which develops his patience"- Arun Jaitley Every CS professional's best friend SHALL be MCA. Some friends just cannot be avoided. "kya har ek friend zaroori hota hain"? October is one of the busiest months in every Company Secretaries life and the final day of this rigorous yet fruitful month had arrived. A few group of people from R & A, hereafter referred to as 'the chosen ones' €(Arun, Sravan, Shalini, Raghav, Satya, Sumanth, Fatima) had to work till 12 In the night, a good time to have the company of some law breakers. The reason for working so late can be rightly questioned. Do we owe it to MCA'€™s website? On October 30th, the website was naughtier than its usual self. Logging in to the website was similar to gambling on a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino. '€œThe chosen ones' had to keep trying continuously and vigorously to win their ultimate prize, the pop-up page to upload the forms. Though R&A was kind enough to supply some glucose in the form of samosas and kachoris, '€œthe chosen ones' were losing energy quick and fast. A Message from MCA 'Try after some time' was giving hope to 'Try after some time'. Finally a '€œTry after some time'€, turned into 'Try me Now'€ @ 11.40 pm and approx 15-20 E-Forms were uploaded. Perseverance, consistency (consistently clicking on the reload button) and lots of luck (All of which Farah Khan possesses) enabled the chosen ones to get through the marathon of filing forms successfully. They indeed have emerged as the super heroes, their super power being high levels of patience. The super heroes have made R&A and not to forget Mr. Arun Jaitley very happy. Perhaps it is time for all the CS professionals to gang up with Narendra Modi and begin a 'Switch MCA Website'€ mission. Food for thought.
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