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May 6, 2015
R & A family had a team outing on 25th & 26th April, 2015 at the Domus Resorts, Shameerpet, Hyderabad. R & A had hired event mangers to facilitate the two day event. The event managers had planned the entire event with one major objective in mind which was to have ‘FUN’. Various team building activities had been planned which not only evoked togetherness but  were also enjoyable and source of great learning.  When the team was coaxed into doing activities which they initially deemed, "Impossible" - the euphoria was to be seen to be believed. A sharing session that followed the team building activities had people revealing their own surprise - and the learning that they had arrived upon, all on their own. An impromptu skit enactment by small groups was thoroughly enjoyed by the team and brought out lot of hidden talents. Apart from the team building activities, the team also spent the leisure time doing activities like, swimming, rain dance, playing outdoor -cricket, lawn tennis, badminton and many indoor games as well.  The stay, the food and the logistics were all in place.  There was a rocking DJ in the evening after which the team continued with post dinner activities like Tambola and Antakshari. To sum up, the entire event was woven together in a seamless manner, with strands of laughter, engaging conversations, camaraderie, dance & music, giggles and a lot of chatter! The team outing ensured that the individual and the team was rejuvenated.  
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