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R & A’s 17th Foundation Day

November 5, 2013

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R & A celebrated its 17th Foundation Day on 23rd October, 2013. The event was a close family event commencing with a ceremonial Pooja. A quiz competition was organized for Associates and trainees on the various Sections of the Companies Act, 2013 which have been implemented till date. There were 7 teams each lead by an Associate and supported by trainees. Mrs. Rashida along with the other partners took the efforts in planning and conducting the quiz so as to ensure that the participants were enriched by the programme. Each participant felt that it was a great opportunity to learn and gain insight into the provisions of the new Act and the enthusiasm and the spirit of each one was worth watching.

After the quiz, all the members of R & A family received mementos and awards were distributed to the best Associate, Employee, Trainee, Support staff etc., Thereafter a gala lunch was organized which everybody thoroughly enjoyed. Mrs. Rashida also shared an e-mailer “From the desk of Mrs. Rashida Adenwala, Founder & Chairperson” with all the clients, well-wishers, fellow professionals, ex-employees, friends, business associates on this special occasion which threw light on the evolution of R &A, its principle, its team, its offerings, its achievements, its clients and the way forward.

As per the tradition on every Foundation Day, the members of R & A undertook Blood donation. Overall it was great fun and each one took pride in being a part of this event and helped to create many wonderful memories.

No wonder, this was another memorable event in the history of R & A.

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