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Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

October 21, 2016
  1. Restrictions on Promoters and Whole-Time Directors of Compulsorily Delisted Companies Pending Fulfillment of Exit Offers to the Shareholders
    • " In terms of Regulation 24 of the Delisting Regulations, the company which has been compulsorily delisted, its whole-time directors, its promoters and the companies promoted by any such person, shall not directly or indirectly access the securities markets for a period of ten years from the date of compulsory delisting.
    • " Sub-regulation (3) of regulation 23 of the Delisting Regulations provides that pursuant to compulsory delisting of a company, the promoter shall acquire delisted equity shares from the public shareholders, subject to their option of retaining their equity shares, by paying them the fair value, as determined by the independent valuer appointed by the concerned recognised stock exchange.
    • " In addition to the restriction imposed under Regulation 24 of the Delisting Regulations, in order to ensure effective enforcement of exit option to the public shareholders in case of compulsory delisting and taking into account the interests of investors, it is felt necessary to strengthen the regulatory mechanism in this regard. Accordingly, it is hereby directed that in case of such companies whose fair value is positive:-
      1. such a company and the depositories shall not effect transfer, by way of sale, pledge, etc., of any of the equity shares and corporate benefits like dividend, rights, bonus shares, split, etc. shall be frozen, for all the equity shares, held by the promoters/ promoter group till the promoters of such company provide an exit option to the public shareholders in compliance with sub-regulation (3) of regulation 23 of the Delisting Regulations, as certified by the concerned recognized stock exchange;
      2. the promoters and whole-time directors of the compulsorily delisted company shall also not be eligible to become directors of any listed company till the exit option as stated at above is provided.
  2. Standardization and Simplification of Procedures for Transmission of Securities With a view to make the process of transmission of securities more efficient and investor friendly, Securities and Exchange Board of India has issued the above circular modifying clause 2 of the Annexure - A to the circular no. CIR/MIRSD/10/2013 dated October 28, 2013. For detail information please click on the link above.


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