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Partners Column -November, 2016

November 25, 2016
Dear Friends, “Surgical Strikes” off late has become a common word heard everywhere from print, electronic media to social media. Initially, popularised due to the Indian Military attacks against suspected militants in Pakistan-administered Kashmir waiting across the borders to infiltrate into India to cause damage to the country. Later, this word became more popular with the Scheme of Demonetisation of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 Currency by Modi’s Government. It seems this was announced by Mr. Modi strategically on 8th November, 2016 while USA was counting votes of their presidential elections, making us to count notes either for depositing with banks or for exchange, thus distracting the global attention. Many economist and public at large well appreciated the demonetisation and endorsed that there is no better way of doing this and best measure to combat the menace of fake currency and unearth the black money. Unfortunately, few political corners are trying slowly to turn these surgical strikes on Modi for his decision on demonetisation citing inconvenience to the Common Man. This is the time, we all should stand by this move and to support this unprecedented and bold move for the betterment of the Country and Countrymen. Sweeping win of Mr. Donald Trump as the president of USA was a surprise to many. If you closely observe, people across globe are looking for a change from the obvious.  The same can be said about Brexit decision. Mr. Donald Trump’s election as US President and recent unprecedented support by Common Man in India for the demonetisation of INR 1000/- and INR 500/- currency. Unprecedently, post sweeping results in USA, people are gathering in many cities across the United States to protest President-elect Donald Trump with slogans “Trumph is not My President”, etc. This was big surprise to me and unprecedented. Infact, people in California are calling for a 'Calexit' from the US in the wake of Trump's win in its push to leave the union recalling Brexit. This move reminds me of a research work on “Dominance”, where the researchers observed that the World Dominance is moving from Europeans to Americans to Asian Countries and logically refers these as Eras of dominance as Durga Era, Lakshmi Era and Sarawathi Era respectively. Durga Era signifies the “Power” – Europeans who invested in gunmetal (used for explosives) and used them to dominate the rest of the world using this gun metal. World War-I and World War – II are results of these dominances.  Later this dominance moved to American (“American Era”) – who are rich in resources. In fact, America, did dominate the rest of the world. However even this dominance can’t’ sustain for long and slowly losing to others i.e. Asian Countries. India being one of the Asian Countries, rich in knowledge (called Saraswathi Era) is a big beneficiary. I am optimistic that with the able leader at centre, and the unprecedented moves he is making, this dominance will remain with India. Let us all hope for this. ICSI has recently in its 44th National Convention launched “Premier on Company Law” a research publication. A dedicated team of professionals have put in their hard work and sweat to release this publication for the benefit of many. This book has many features for the benefit of users. I am happy to be part of this work in a little way as a resource person. I advise to buy this book and get maximum benefit out of it. On a personal front, recently I had a wonderful time at Old Students Alumni Meet, where all the friends from 8th to 10th Class met after 25 years. We could connect all 72 class mates with their contacts and could gather more than 50 classmates in the event. With warm regards Cs R. Ramakrishna Gupta Partner. 23rd November, 2016


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