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December 1, 2011

Time as he grows old teaches many lessons.

Dear Professionals, The core principle of R & A is timely and quality deliverables. As a Professional Services firm, time management is of essence as we are always challenged by deadlines under various applicable statutes. In fact, the constructive use of time is beneficial in any aspect of life. Personal as well as professional goals and objectives are or not achieved depends on how one uses those skills. The results of one’s efforts are directly attributed to the time management skills they develop and employ. Planning ahead, goal setting, taking right decisions, maintaining persistence, delegating, getting rid of clutter, achieving  work-life balance, saying NO, being punctual and realizing the value of time can all be considered as skills of effective time management. We at R & A realize and instill the importance of time management in our associates and trainees and this has enabled us to steadily move towards our vision and goals as well as undertake new and challenging assignments. In this direction, I am very happy to inform you that R & A has undertaken the conversion of the annual financial statements into XBRL format as per the mandate of MCA and has successfully implemented the same. Our Delhi branch is steadily establishing its presence in the NCR region and is handling varied assignments including advisory, audits and liaising with authorities for approvals and clearances. The significant development in the month of November has been the Government’s decision to allow FDI in multi brand retail and this has resulted in very divergent views on the subject. However, it is considered that FDI in multi-brand retail will have no catastrophic consequences for India and will rather give a boost to the organised retail sector, which will positively impact several stakeholders. The proposal is also likely to catalyse joint ventures between Indian and foreign organised retailers. The Reserve Bank expressed that foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail is a visible measure that will bring in right capital in the country and hopes that it will help in bring down inflation. I conclude by emphasizing the fact that the Government policies and its good governance is important for countries at all stages of development. Regards, Rashida Adenwala  
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